Course curriculum

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    • How to use this resource

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    Curriculum for Wales Guidance

    • Curriculum for Wales Guidance (English)

    • Curriculum for Wales Guidance (Welsh)

    • Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience (only)

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    1 - Overview of Curriculum for Wales

    • Curriculum For Wales - Welsh Government (video)

    • True or False Quiz

    • The New Welsh Curriculum: What makes it so different? - Welsh Government (video)

    • Generic Overview of Curriculum for Wales Guidance

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    2. Why are the Expressive Arts Important?

    • 2. Why are the Expressive Arts Important?

    • Shift Happens (2018 Remix)

    • Neil Hawkins (Blackwood Comprehensive School) - Expressive Arts AoLE Group

    • Kay Smith (Head of Drama) Pencoed Comprehensive School

    • Amanda Jones (Ysgol Gyfun Garth Olwg) - Expressive Arts AoLE Group (Welsh)

    • About the presenters and their work

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    3. Getting to Grips with the Expressive Arts AoLE

    • 3. Getting to Grips with the Expressive Arts AoLE

    • An Example Response Lesson

    • Four Core Purposes Exercise

    • Four Core Purposes Exercise Part 2

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    4. Planning Your Curriculum

    • 4. Planning Your Curriculum

    • Links to School 21 discussed in this session

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    5. Understanding the Principles of Progression

    • 5. Understanding the Principles of Progression

    • Expressive Arts AoLE - Progression Steps 1,2 & 3

    • Understanding the vocabulary of the Expressive Arts.

    • Expressive Arts AoLE - Context & Experiences landscape copy

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    6. Ways Forward for the Expressive Arts

    • 6. Ways Forward for the Expressive Arts

    • The Importance of your Role as AoLE Leader

    • Developing a Vison for your AoLE

    • Key Questions for a Curriculum Review

    • Creating an Experience Map for the Expressive Arts in your school

    • Checking your Expressive Arts Curriculum

    • Further Help and Useful Resources

    • Art, film, media and digital resources

    • Music Resources

    • Drama Resources

    • Dance Resources



Dave Powell

MUSIC – David Powell studied percussion and drum kit at Leeds College of Music followed by a post graduate course at the National Centre for Orchestral Studies, Goldsmith’s College London. On leaving college, David Powell joined the critically acclaimed 50’s R & B band ‘The Big Town Playboys’ touring Britain and Europe and performing alongside Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton. His teaching career started as an LA peripatetic teacher in 1989 which led to primary classroom teaching before joining the Gwent Music Service as Assistant Head in 2000. After a very productive and successful period in this role, David realised his passion for inclusivity and access by forming ‘Upbeat Music and Arts’ in 2013 to provide projects, workshops and regular tuition for whole classes of children focussing on high class delivery whilst not losing sight of educating the whole child.


Huw Duggan

LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT – Huw is passionate about learning, coaching and facilitation. He advocates an ASK not TELL approach to training. His sessions are engaging, interactive and generally involve lots of post it notes! His areas of expertise are: Teaching and Learning; Developing Pedagogy; Independent and interdependent learning; and of course, ‘closing the achievement gap’. Huw also coaches school leaders and leadership teams. Huw Duggan has worked in a range of roles, in a number of local authorities, and countries. His fascination with education and learning began when he was diagnosed as dyslexic at university, which steered him on his career in to education. This career path began as a learning support assistant in a difficult inner-city school in Leeds, before becoming a qualified teacher, and successful school leader. Eventually he was drawn back to Wales, on secondment, to support the Central South Consortium’s vision of a school led system. Huw is currently educational director of the ‘Right Learning Company’ based in South Wales. He is a qualified Estyn Inspector for the primary sector.