Course curriculum

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    • Welcome

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    1. Automaticity and Fluency

    • 1. Automaticity and Fluency

    • Dolch Lists

  • 3

    2. Reading Activities

    • 2. Reading Activities

  • 4

    3. Pre-reading Skills

    • 3. Pre-reading Skills

    • The Reading Warm Up

    • List Group Label

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    4. Monitoring Comprehension

    • 4. Monitoring Comprehension

    • Repair Strategies for Words

    • Repair Strategies for Ideas

  • 6

    5. Staying Focused During Reading

    • 5. Staying Focused During Reading

    • Finger Bookmark

  • 7

    6. Responding To Text

    • 6. Responding to Text


Stephanie Vaughan

Stephanie Vaughan has been working in education for over 25 years and is an experienced classroom practitioner, who understands the challenges teachers face providing a relevant and purposeful curriculum. She was, until recently, the Literacy Lead Advisor for Swansea; therefore, she has extensive experience of providing training and in-school support for primary teachers in English and whole school literacy. In addition, extensive pupil data from schools across Swansea proves that her training definitely raises standards. Stephanie Vaughan is the author of The Eight Reading Behaviours and The Reading Journey, a new and comprehensive innovative resource that teaches pupils to read with enjoyment and purpose. She has also developed many of her own literacy strategies, such as The Writing Wheel and accompanying activities that help pupils to learn the steps in the writing process. She has written detailed progression models for aspects of reading and writing that help teachers to unpick the LNF. A belief that pupils need to understand how to read and write independently underpins her work and she offers literacy lessons that are enjoyable, interactive, and skill-centred. Stephanie’s training provides teachers with practical, easily implemented, and engaging solutions to literacy problems, and she provides schools with extensive and varied resources, which, according to feedback, have proved extremely popular with teachers and pupils.